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Enterprise Solutions

simplified, optimized, and tailored to your small business needs

Do you need help starting or growing your business? 

One of the best ways to gain a competitive advantage over your competition is strategic marketing and usage of the latest technology!

With our help you will engage your customers in your company’s growth by providing what they need, building long-lasting relationship and giving them a sense of belonging. 



As a business owner you are constantly wearing many hats and Your Time is extremely valuable. This is where we come in!
From analyzing the competition to evaluating your customers and their needs, VCS can help you with:
– Revamping your existing programs based on our survey results
– Design/Redesign your company branding material
        Web site | Logo | Business Cards, Flyers, etc
– Customer Communication
– Evaluate your current IT Health (from program utilization to cyber-security structure)
– Network Steup
– Cloud Setup

Let VCS help you with your marketing needs to stay with the latest technology. 

We will design, help you build and launch services that will make your business more efficient and profitable while leaving you more time to focus on other priorities.

Technology Services

Your enterprise IT architecture is critical to achieve your company’s vision.  Today’s demands require an architecture that is highly scalable, agile, flexible, and cloud ready.  Whether you need expertise for fine-tuning of your current architecture, or you need assistance with a complete overhaul, we are here to help.

We start the process with an evaluation of the business model that allows us to understand the company’s current state before beginning the implementation of Digital Transformation Strategy (DXS). 

We understand that business needs and requirements can vary vastly from company to company.  Since there is no one size fits all solution, we will work closely with you to design processes and strategies that simplify business for your clients where technology, lifestyles, and expectations never stand still.