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simplified, optimized, and tailored to your small business needs

Gain a competitive advantage over your competition by using the latest technology and strategic marketing.​

With our help you will engage your customers in your company's growth
by providing what they need, building
a long-lasting relationship
and giving them a sense of belonging.

We understand that business needs and requirements can vary vastly from company to company.  However, the IT architecture is the centerpiece and is critical to achieve your company’s vision.  Today’s demands require an architecture that is highly scalable, agile, flexible, and cloud-ready. Much like the enterprise. 

Since there is no one size fits all solution, we will work closely with you to design processes and strategies that simplify business for your clients where technology, lifestyles, and expectations never standstill. Whether you need expertise fine-tuning your current architecture, or you need assistance with a complete overhaul, we are here to help.

We start the process with an evaluation of your current business model. this allows us to understand the company’s current state before beginning the implementation of a Digital Transformation Strategy (DXS).

Areas Of Expertise

VCS is bringing a wide variety of skills to the table. 

From helping you design the processes to save you time and money, to cyber security services ensuring your systems are up to the latest industry standards. 

Our goal is to bring the big corporation structure and tricks into small business because we believe in small businesses and helping the community! 

Getting started is easier than you think!

Make Your wish list

Sit down and think about what would you like to see your business do? Do you need an improved web presence? Do you spend too much time responding to e-mail?

Your Content

Gather your word content and images.  if you have an online presence, please collect your website information (domain and hosting) and all social platform details.


Contact us to schedule a consultation.  We will go over your list and create a plan to take you to the next level!